• Bronwyn Farrugia

Whatever He tells you, do it! (Part 1)

John 2:1-11 (MSG) Read here

Mary contended for the miraculous sign. She insisted that Jesus solve the problem of the wine shortage.

She may not have understood or known how He would sort out this embarrassment, but she knew WHO to call upon.

Did Mary’s pursuing of a miracle cause it to manifest before her eyes? Whatever the case she certainly knew that if Jesus said to do something, then it would be very wise indeed to ensure the command was carried out.

What has Jesus told you to do in anticipation of your miracle? Has He given you a command that you haven’t yet fulfilled?

It is necessary to seek out if there is anything He requires of you as you contend for your breakthrough. He may just be waiting for you to coerce Him a little bit through your persistence and obedience.

It is absolutely imperative that you completely obey what the Master shows you. It might be as simple and irrational as filling up some water pots. But your best wine is counting on your compliance to Him, so whatever He tells you, do it!

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