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The plan of the enemy to stop your prayer

Daniel 9:20-23, 27 (MSG) 20-21 “While I was pouring out my heart, baring my sins and the sins of my people Israel, praying my life out before my God, interceding for the holy mountain of my God—while I was absorbed in this praying, the humanlike Gabriel, the one I had seen in an earlier vision, approached me, flying in like a bird about the time of evening worship.

22-23 “He stood before me and said, ‘Daniel, I have come to make things plain to you. You had no sooner started your prayer when the answer was given. And now I’m here to deliver the answer to you. You are much loved! So listen carefully to the answer, the plain meaning of what is revealed…..

27“‘ for one seven, he will forge many and strong alliances, but halfway through the seven he will banish worship and prayers. At the place of worship, a desecrating obscenity will be set up and remain until finally the desecrator himself is decisively destroyed.’”

Daniel has a beautiful visitation from an angel Gabriel who’s purpose is to bring the answer to Daniel’s prayers. In fact, as soon as Daniel prays he receives the answer via the angel. God unravels perilous events of the end times to Daniel in this encounter. One of these catastrophic events is the eradication of prayer and worship. This is a horrific abomination to God and the events following show the effect that prayerlessness has.

One area the enemy is most focused on is destroying your prayer life: your communion with God. He knows if he can somehow interfere by preventing you from praying, then he can ultimately prevent your promises from coming to pass. He aims to stop you from entering into God’s best for you.

He will do whatever he can to break down your communication and intimacy with God. He does this by sowing doubts into your mind to question whether God has really heard you. He may also make you question God’s character and if He really wants to answer you.

Finally he will attempt to lure you away from your prayer time by making you busy or focused on your feelings concerning praying. Let’s face it: he wants to cut off your prayer life. So wake up and realise his plan. Shake off busyness, distractions and lethargy. Enter into your special prayer time now. The answer is nearer than when you first believed.

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