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Stay on the course

1 Samuel 14:24-30 (MSG)

Saul did something really foolish that day. He addressed the army: “A curse on the man who eats anything before evening, before I’ve wreaked vengeance on my enemies!” None of them ate a thing all day.

There were honeycombs here and there in the fields. But no one so much as put his finger in the honey to taste it, for the soldiers to a man feared the curse. But Jonathan hadn’t heard his father put the army under oath. He stuck the tip of his staff into some honey and ate it. Refreshed, his eyes lit up with renewed vigor.

A soldier spoke up, “Your father has put the army under solemn oath, saying, ‘A curse on the man who eats anything before evening!’ No wonder the soldiers are drooping!”

Jonathan said, “My father has imperiled the country. Just look how quickly my energy has returned since I ate a little of this honey! It would have been a lot better, believe me, if the soldiers had eaten their fill of whatever they took from the enemy. Who knows how much worse we could have whipped them!”

Jonathan gets very distracted by a natural longing when he sees some honey and eats it from his staff. He wasn’t aware that it was forbidden by his father, much like Eve in the garden, and doesn’t particularly care saying “How quickly my energy has returned”. When he finds out about the curse he goes on to recommend they should have all tasted it.

His focus here is on a natural fix to a spiritual need. When we are in a spiritual war we can easily be dictated to by our hunger and natural senses.

“If only I can have a little flutter, a quick cigarette, a short gossip. That will keep me going until I conquer this enemy.” Wrong! It actually sidetracks you from accomplishing the goal that God has set.

To make matters worse Jonathon uses the tool that God gave him, his staff, to eat the honey. Sometimes we can take a gift of God and use it in a sinful way instead of using it to defeat the enemy. So stay on the course, keep your eyes fixed on the challenge ahead and conquer your enemy!

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