• Bronwyn Farrugia


This is my prayer for us all during this Christmas season.

May our actions toward others show Your love, O Lord for them, as we take every opportunity to share Your goodness and peace amongst family and friends. Help us to know who You want us to speak to, how to speak to them and what they need at this time: which dimension of God will set them free. Is it His COMFORT, His LOVE, His FORGIVENESS, His PEACE, His HEALING touch, His POWER? Or everything!!!

Yesterday whilst driving I felt God saying "selflessness will set believers apart".

In a world where the focus and emphasis is about "ME", "MY NEEDS" and "MY DESIRES", the world is looking for examples of sacrifice, giving, gratitude and laying our lives down for others.

This is what CHRISTMAS is truly about.

Bless you all with a precious and renewed sense of God's presence and peace.

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