• Bronwyn Farrugia

Motherhood: A different form of worship (video 4)

Do you often find yourself wondering if you are doing enough for God? You want to make a difference, have an impact on society, you want to change the world but you are “stuck” at home.

So many mums I speak to feel insignificant during motherhood, often having finished up jobs where they are highly respected, energised by accomplishments and motivated toward achieving goals. Then they feel unrewarded, tired and lack any sense of purpose. Guilt creeps in with feelings of not doing enough “ministry” work or letting others down.

You long for the freedom and time you once had to get caught up in worship with your heavenly Father but the daily grind is unrelenting.

If this is you…check out the message below and discover that You ARE making a difference. You ARE changing the world. One little life at a time.

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