• Bronwyn Farrugia

“Hello? Anyone there?”

Overworked? Overburdened? Tired and drained? God is calling out to us to allow Him full access into our busy schedule. He is wanting to break in and get involved in our daily activity, our career, our preparations, our organisations, our work, our study and our play. Psalms 90:17 (TPT) O Lord our God, let your sweet beauty rest upon us and give us favor. Come work with us, and then our works will endure, and give us success in all we do.

The psalmist echoes the heart cry of the people today: for God to help us, to work with us and be a part of the opportunities we are faced with.

As we team with Him, the burden is lifted, the load is lightened and we will operate in a renewed strength. So whatever you are working on, helping with, or striving to accomplish, don’t bust your gut on your own. Get God involved, bring Him into the picture, glean from Him and most importantly UNITE with Him to see it done His way and you will succeed in all you do!

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