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God’s angel is coming to set you free!

ACTS 5:17-20 (MSG)

Provoked mightily by all this, the Chief Priest and those on his side, mainly the sect of Sadducees, went into action, arrested the apostles and put them in the town jail. But during the night an angel of God opened the jailhouse door and led them out. He said, “Go to the Temple and take your stand. Tell the people everything there is to say about this Life.” Promptly obedient, they entered the Temple at daybreak and went on with their teaching.

Are you experiencing a prison in your life right now? Are you locked up and blocked from doing the things God has called you to do?

The apostles were being blocked from teaching the name of Jesus and even today the enemy still wants us bound and tries to stop us.

Whether you are experiencing a physical blockage to progressing forward and gaining influence, or a mindset problem such as fear or intimidation, God is about to set you free. On the other side of the prison gates awaits your freedom.

The angel of God came during the night when they least expected it and they just walked right on out of there! How cool!

Get ready because an angel is on the way to release you from your prison, to unlock the door and allow you to continue your passionate proclamation of Jesus for the Kingdom of God.

When you least expect it God will open the doors and you will just keep walking right past all the opposition, and continue on your passionate journey with Him.

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