• Bronwyn Farrugia

God is giving you His signet ring

Genesis 41:41-43 (MSG)

‘So Pharaoh commissioned Joseph: “I’m putting you in charge of the entire country of Egypt.” Then Pharaoh removed his signet ring from his finger and slipped it on Joseph’s hand. He outfitted him in robes of the best linen and put a gold chain around his neck. He put the second-in-command chariot at his disposal, and as he rode people shouted “Bravo!” Joseph was in charge of the entire country of Egypt.’

The time came for Joseph when all he had been through and dealt with had elevated him to a place of favour with Pharaoh.

His faithfulness during his wilderness period finally carried Joseph into influence and this was his time to shine.

It was the moment that defined his life. He was given charge over all of Egypt which was represented by a single ring. This ring was powerful. It symbolised favour, kingship and authority.

Like Joseph, God is giving you His signet ring. It is a defining moment in your life where the things that have held you back are no longer an issue anymore.

The ring gives you charge over all your Egypt. The dead and unfruitful places are coming to life. The things you saw in your dreams long ago are becoming a reality bringing supernatural power and influence to you.

God is trusting you with His signet ring to bring about freedom to a nation that is waiting for the full manifestation of the sons of God.

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