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Dream: A moment with the King (Part 1)

In August I had a dream that I strongly believe is a now word for God’s people…

I had the privilege of serving king Charles (he was the king, not a prince), all the way from Bendigo to Melbourne on the train. Yes he was traveling on the good old vline rattler! My role was to talk to him. Get to know him and do whatever he requested of me.

There was a big problem. I didn’t know him or what he liked so I did some research beforehand and discovered that he liked cheese and biscuits. But what sort I had no idea. Would tasty cheese do the job and did he have poppy seeds on his savoys? One thing I knew, I was not going to use any Aussie slang or seem like a farmers daughter. No. I would act proper and show etiquette.

So the whole trip I tried to spark up a conversation with the king but without knowing him it was awkward and non intimate. There were weird silences and I tried to please him but to no avail.

This is a message for many in the body of Christ at this time. We know of Jesus, we know about Him but we don’t know Him intimately. We can ask others what He is like and what He likes but the only way we can know Him intimately is by spending time in His presence; talking to Him, meditating on Him and reading His Word. He is The Word.

Don’t just listen to what others are saying about Him, know Him for yourself. And be yourself! Don’t try acting like you think a Christian should behave to fit in. No, be yourself, (who He created you to be) and remove your mask.

Maybe the King wants to meet a simple Aussie farmers daughter and maybe He wants to meet you, the real you.

Watch this space to discover how God has since confirmed this message through another dream. But wait until you see who it came to.

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