• Bronwyn Farrugia

Don’t stay where you are

Jeremiah 38:2 (MSG)

“This is God’s Message: ‘Whoever stays in this town will die—will be killed or starve to death or get sick and die. But those who go over to the Babylonians will save their necks and live.”

The warning is loud and clear that there is great danger if we remain where we are.

This may refer to a place of compromise, comfort or even disobedience. That is why we must move forward in surrender to God’s will if we are to survive.

Sometimes the most comforting choice to our flesh is to just stay in the same place and wait to be rescued.

But this is not a time for hanging around to see what happens. This is a crucial time we are in. Destruction is fast approaching if we don’t move on!

This may not mean you have to physically move jobs, houses, or churches but within all these areas there is new level of surrender taking place.

There is a spiritual shift that requires sacrifice, obedience and a passion to please Him.

God has a new land for us to experience and we cannot sit back. Embrace the challenge, rise to a new level and give yourself wholly to God.

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