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Can a desperate cry capture the attention of heaven?

1 Samuel 1:15-24 (MSG)

Hannah said, “Oh no, sir—please! I’m a woman hard used. I haven’t been drinking. Not a drop of wine or beer. The only thing I’ve been pouring out is my heart, pouring it out to God. Don’t for a minute think I’m a bad woman. It’s because I’m so desperately unhappy and in such pain that I’ve stayed here so long.”

Eli answered her, “Go in peace. And may the God of Israel give you what you have asked of him.”

“Think well of me—and pray for me!” she said, and went her way. Then she ate heartily, her face radiant. Up before dawn, they worshiped God and returned home to Ramah. Elkanah slept with Hannah his wife, and God began making the necessary arrangements in response to what she had asked.

Before the year was out, Hannah had conceived and given birth to a son. She named him Samuel, explaining, “I asked God for him.”

When Elkanah next took his family on their annual trip to Shiloh to worship God, offering sacrifices and keeping his vow, Hannah didn’t go. She told her husband, “After the child is weaned, I’ll bring him myself and present him before God—and that’s where he’ll stay, for good.”

Elkanah said to his wife, “Do what you think is best. Stay home until you have weaned him. Yes! Let God complete what he has begun!”

Through prayer Hannah received the wonderful blessing she was seeking from the Lord! After pouring her heart out to Him, God responded by bringing about her heart’s desire.

Have you ever gotten so lost in God’s presence during prayer that an outsider would look at you and assume you are drunk?

After birthing her child of promise, Hannah makes a declaration to dedicate Samuel to God. This is an act of surrendering what is so dear to her, much like Abraham was required to do with Isaac.

When God fulfils a promise in our lives we are required to do the same. We need to worship Him and give Him back the promise as if it were never even ours. This is a way of breaking any idol attached to the promise and making sure it doesn’t rule our life. It is proving that God is the highest in our life and acknowledging that our promise came from Him.

It is far too easy to take our gift from the Lord and run away with it, drifting away, not even looking back to thank Him.

So whether it’s a business that has grown, success and influence in your area of gifting, a healing you received or even like Hannah, a baby He’s given, come to Him and acknowledge that He alone is your provider, counsellor, guide, comforter and strength. Dedicate your answered prayer by taking the time to remember what He delivered you from, and what He has delivered into your hands.

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