• Bronwyn Farrugia

Be ready!

James 5:7-8 (MSG)

Meanwhile, friends, wait patiently for the Master’s Arrival. You see farmers do this all the time, waiting for their valuable crops to mature, patiently letting the rain do its slow but sure work. Be patient like that. Stay steady and strong. The Master could arrive at any time.

Did you hear that?! Jesus could arrive in your situation at any moment.

It may have seemed painfully slow and you still haven’t received what you have been praying for, but you must not give up when you are so close to your breakthrough.

You may have been spiritually toiling without any result for a long time but hold on tight because the Master will arrive at any moment!

Let me ask you something: Are you expecting Him? Now that the rain has done its work (just like the farmers crops), the harvest is on its way.

You could be moments away from Jesus entering into your difficulties and uncertainties and straightening it all out for you. But you must be ready. Stay expectant.

Don’t be caught napping and miss this powerful transformation because the Master is on His way bringing relief to your circumstance.

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