• Bronwyn Farrugia

All you need are the scriptures

Luke 24:25-32 MSG

Then he said to them, “So thick-headed! So slow-hearted! Why can’t you simply believe all that the prophets said? Don’t you see that these things had to happen, that the Messiah had to suffer and only then enter into his glory?” Then he started at the beginning, with the Books of Moses, and went on through all the Prophets, pointing out everything in the Scriptures that referred to him. They came to the edge of the village where they were headed. He acted as if he were going on but they pressed him: “Stay and have supper with us. It’s nearly evening; the day is done.” So he went in with them. And here is what happened: He sat down at the table with them. Taking the bread, he blessed and broke and gave it to them. At that moment, open-eyed, wide-eyed, they recognized him. And then he disappeared. Back and forth they talked. “Didn’t we feel on fire as he conversed with us on the road, as he opened up the Scriptures for us?”

You can see what happened to the disciples the moment that Jesus began to unravel the scriptures for them. As He went through the Old Testament books, their hearts began to feel on fire. So it was the scripture followed by the breaking of the bread that caused their eyes to be opened. It was such a simple teaching. All Jesus did was read and explain the bible and in His presence it came alive. This is what Jesus wants to do for us. Keep it simple and as you open up the scriptures in His presence you will be downloaded with revelation and understanding for your own life. When you speak to people about Him, begin by asking for His presence to manifest, then speak the Word, His Word. As you break it down and make it plain you will see them become enlightened as their eyes are also opened to the revelation of Jesus Christ. ‘He went on to open their understanding of the Word of God, showing them how to read their Bibles this way… And they were on their knees, worshiping him. They returned to Jerusalem bursting with joy.’ Luke 24:45, 52 (MSG)

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