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WEEKLY PROPHETIC MESSAGE: What we need for this moment in time…

With so much corruption going on and an anti Christ spirit rising up, it is imperative that we ask God for the gift of DISCERNMENT. We need to be aware of lies, traps, false god’s and idols around us. Discerning distractions that will lure us away from intimacy and devotion to God is vital. We MUST get ruthless. In this hour, hard decisions must be made and discerning between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lie is key to staying the path and finishing well. Tricks, lies, facades and bribes all await us ‘but the people who know their God will be strong and will resist him’ (the devil)(Daniel 11:32b NLT) God is wanting to empower us with a heightened level of awareness and discernmen

PROPHETIC DREAM: Emergency call from New York to the world

On Thursday I woke from an interesting dream that I believe is a prophetic picture of what we are experiencing now throughout the world. I dreamed I was in New York visiting a friend. We were about to begin a prayer meeting in a high rise building when all of a sudden a very loud, ear-piercing alarm resounded throughout the building. A voice over a PA system said “It appears the emergency is real. Please run. EVERYONE RUN!” People looked around for confirmation and then bolted for the exits in an almighty stampede. Not knowing if it was fire, bomb, hurricane, earthquake or some other threat that happens over there, I told my daughter to run ahead of us. We lost her in the crowd running down





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